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You know that beat up ‘drome out in the middle of freakin’ nowhere, with rickety planes that have seen better days?

This is like the opposite of that.

Troy Air Experience is a flight school, serving the greater Detroit area. (Hey, Detroit is still pretty great.) KVLL is Oakland County’s “Executive” airport. If you need to rent an airplane near Detroit, this is the place to do it. A proud member of the Cessna Pilot Center network, they offer some of the most modern hardware you’ll find on any flight line. They just moved into new digs right off the airport, and even installed a shiny new RedBird LD flight simulator you can use to stay current.

Oakland/Troy airport is tucked right in there within 2 miles of the central business district of Troy, Michigan. It’s only a somewhat boring 29 minute drive from the Renaissance Center in downtown Detroit. There are a couple of seriously nice shopping malls just up the road if you’re into that sort of thing. Oh, and stop and get a Detroit style Coney dog after your flight. Trust us, the Coney Dog was invented in The Motor City after all.

• Flight Instruction
• Redbird LD AATD Flight Simulator
• WiFi
• Pilot Lounge

CFI Rate: $47.00/hr
CFI Ground Rate: $47.00/hr
Aircraft Rental Sales Tax: 6.00%
Misc. Items Sales Tax: 6.00%

Local Procedures Briefing
Troy Air Experience
Oakland/Troy Airport - KVLL

Operator Procedures                                        

Fueling Aircraft  

If you go to PTK, we have an account at the Pontiac Air Center (PAC) for fuel.

You’ll enter the cost of fuel/oil bought with your credit card when you return. Your charges will be reduced by the amount you paid. 

Access to Aircraft
Anytime the doors are locked, the door on the East side of building has a Lockbox. There is a computer for getting weather info, filing flight plans, etc.

Please be sure to lock the door with the key and return the key to the lockbox when you leave.

Securing the Aircraft Post-Flight
Simply return the aircraft to the proper hangar post-flight.  

What Fuel Load to Expect, and How to Change It
  • You’ll typically find the tanks of the 172 topped off prior to flight. 
  • Skycatcher will typically be fueled only ½ to ¾ of capacity. 
  • Special requests are considered. Please give the Troy Air Experience as much notice as possible, if you’d like a specific fuel state for your rental.

Local Airspace Considerations                               

Standard Departure Procedures
Departing straight ahead, start turns at no lower than 1,200 feet to avoid nearby towers. 

No touch and goes at VLL please. 

Help us be good neighbors, fly quiet. 

Local Reporting Points
Local Area Map
When approaching the airport from the Southwest, it’s helpful to report over the big hospital.

Alternatively, announce your pattern entry on CTAF 5 miles from any direction.

Typical TFR Considerations
Troy / Oakland is typically affected by any VIP TFR in the area. This is due to it’s proximity to Football & Baseball stadiums downtowns in downtown Detroit. Check those NOATMS! 

Local Airfield Operations                                       

Run Up Area
Run up areas on each end of the runway.

Noise Abatement Procedures
Self-preservation and being a good neighbor should be all the motivation you need to climb as fast as you can on departure. No need to dawdle down low over residential neighborhoods, which you'll find around the airport.

Airport Restrictions
VLL IFR Approach limitations - NA at night VGSI must be active, so not authorized.
Where to tell tower you are taxiing to after landing
For Pontiac (PTK - N2272C), pilots need to advise the tower they are parking at the PAC.

Local Flight Planning Tips                                     

Noise Sensitive Areas
EVERYTHING around KVLL is noise sensitive. Fly quiet!

Local Hazards
Note that a banner towing operation at the airport is active all year round. Keep an eye out.

There are a number of very tall TV towers to the South of the airport.

Also worth noting is that runway 09 has a 4 degree glideslope. When on the glide path, you’re only 30-40 above those wires in the West end of the field.

Nearby Special Use Airspace
MOAs in the vicinity start at 6,000 MSL.

VFR traffic is seldom cleared into the Detroit Class. Don’t count on a shortcut.

Best Airports to Visit Area
  • Kalamazoo! ( KAZO, 107nm to the Southwest ) The Kalamazoo Air Zoo is a really nice aviation museum worth checking out.

  • Owasso (KRNP, 50nm to the Northwest ) features a greasy spoon on weekends. Call ahead for hours.

  • Put-in-Bay  (3W2, 57nm to the Southeast) is a popular resort destination. Watch out for Canadian airspace enroute. 

  • Jackson ( KJXN, 59nm to the Southwest ) has a restaurant on the field. 

  • Travers City (KTVC 168nm to the Northwest) is beautiful in the summer.

  • Mackinaw Island ( KMCD, 209nm to the Northwest) is a spectacular destination.

Best Sites to See From the Air
  • Flying the shorelines of Michigan, there are plenty!

  • Downtown Detroit.

  • Detroit River Corridor. (Caution: International airspace! Cross and come back, you’ll get intercepted. So watch that.)

  • Cheboygan (KSLH, 195nm to the Northwest is a nice place to stop when flying the shoreline.

  • Holland (KBIV, 130nm to the West) is a nice place to visit on the West Coast. (Michigan’s West Coast)
Optical Illusions
Finding the airport can be a challenge. It’s tucked in among a lot of suburban ground clutter.

April 7, 2013, 6:54 p.m.

Troy Air Experience is rated 4.5 out of 5 stars from 4 reviews.
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2820 W Maple Road #230
Troy, MI 48084
Troy Air Experience
Cessna Pilot Center  

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