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Sunstate Aviation Flight School is a Cessna Pilot Center that specializes in providing accelerated flight training courses and committed to providing a superior quality flight training experience.

SunState is very active flight school, and it's sometimes tough to fit in reservations at the last minute. Reservation requests made at least three days in advance of the rental have the best chance of getting confirmed.

• Pilot Shop
• Pilot Lounge
• Flight Planning Area
• Sandwich Counter
• Porch
• WiFi
• Flight Training
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CFI Rate: $65.00/hr
CFI Ground Rate: $65.00/hr
Aircraft Rental Sales Tax: 7.00%

Local Procedures Briefing
SunState Aviation
Kissimme Gateway Airport - KISM

Operator Procedures                                        

Fueling Aircraft

If you need refueling during the day, please taxi to Signature Flight Service on the field for fuel.

Access to Aircraft

Go to the SunState Aviation FBO on the East side of the airfield. A staff member will walk you out to the aircraft on the ramp.

There is no after-hours access to these aircraft.

What Fuel Load to Expect, and How to Change It

Each aircraft will have a full load of fuel first thing in the morning. If you require less than a full load of fuel, please contact the FBO no less than 24 hours in advance to make arrangements.

Local Airspace Considerations                        

Standard Departure Procedures

KISM lives under the Orlando (KMCO) class Bravo airspace. Be very aware of your location, and follow ATC procedures when departing and arriving at KISM.

Best Way to Get Flight Following

You may request flight following from Orlando Approach, but expect the request to be turned down. Orlando is a very busy airspace, and the controllers will likely be unable to accommodate your request.

Local Reporting Points

The Poinciana towers are the main reporting point. They are 4 miles due West of the field and are clearly visible on the sectional chart.

 Poinciana Towers

Typical TFR Considerations

There is a “permanent” TFR over Walt Disney World Resort, and the POTUS makes frequent trips to Orlando. There is also restricted airspace over the Kennedy Space Center.

Disney TFR


Preferred IFR "gates" ATC wants you to use

This is a busy Class Bravo airspace. Be prepared to use the Orlando-area SIDs and STARs. ATC will This is a busy Class Bravo airspace. Be prepared to use the Orlando-area SIDs and STARs. ATC will provide you with you IFR clearance.

Local Airfield Operations                                       

Taxiway / Runway Incursion Hotspots
KISM has intersecting runways. Be aware of this when getting a taxi clearance.

Taxi to the Runway
Taxiing to Rwy 15/33 is simple and straightforward. Taxiing to runway 6 from SunState Aviation will require two runway crossings.


Run Up Area
There are run-up pads at the end of each runway, in addition to the SunState Aviation ramp.

What Does The Tower Want Before You Move?

KISM tower wants to know your direction of departure and to know that your run-up is complete.


Pattern Altitude
1,000 feet 

Preferred Pattern Entries
Tower has discretion and will direct you to the appropriate pattern entry point.

Special Cautions for Flying the Pattern
KISM is a busy airport and the pattern is often full. No Ghostrider, we cannot authorize a fly-by.

Local Flight Planning Tips                                     

Noise Sensitive Areas
Orange Gardens, NE of the field.

Noise Sensitive Area

Nearby Special Use Airspace
Orlando Class Bravo, Avon Park bombing range to the south, Kennedy Space Center, Walt Disney World.

How To Easily Identify Boundaries of Overlying or Nearby Airspace
The Western edge of the Orlando class Bravo airspace ends at US HWY 27.

Air Carrier Arrival Paths to be Avoided
MCO arrivals and departures directly to the East.

Best Sites to See From the Air
  • Kennedy Space Center – 44NM to the NW
  • Venice Beach – 90NM to the SW

Density Altitude Considerations
Florida has very hot summers. Density altitudes of 2000’ are not uncommon.


Please Note
SunState Aviation does not permit touch-and-goes in their aircraft. Also, no landings on grass or at airfields that do not have fuel or maintenance facilities. Please, no overwater flying at night.

May 20, 2013, 4:16 p.m.

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