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We at Perception Prime Flight School endeavor to provide the absolute best experience at all times. We accomplish this through our conspicuous focus on the importance and dignity of all customers and employees, our attention to safety, and our proactive relationship with the FAA. We know we are succeeding when our customers are happy, focused, and are “Raving Fans.”

• Pilot’s Lounge
• Line Services

CFI Rate: $60.00/hr
CFI Ground Rate: $60.00/hr


Operator Procedures

Fueling Aircraft

We will fuel aircraft for clients onsite, or they may fuel up at other local airports on our account.

Access to aircraft

During business hours: Aircraft are dispatched by staff onsite..

After business hours: Arrangements are possible for dispatch of aircraft after hours

Returning aircraft

During business hours: Aircraft are received by dispatchers.

After business hours: Arrangements can be made to receive aircraft after hours.

Getting Reimbursed if You Buy Fuel Elsewhere

We have a list of local airports where we have an account. If fuel is purchased elsewhere, bring us the receipt and we will reimburse at gal*local daily rate upon.

Mechanical Problems at Another Airport

Contact flight school to arrange repair and/or transport home.

Securing Aircraft

Staff will assist

What fuel to expect and how to change it

Contact us to arrange for specific fuel needs. We will accommodate requests to the best of our ability.

Local Airspace Considerations

Local Flight Planning Tips

Standard departure procedures

Towered Class D, underlying Boston Class B. Departures SW through S enter Class B within 5 miles.

Best way to get flight following

Request transponder code from BVY Ground control before taxi

Local reporting points

Gloucester is 12 miles East. Ipswich is 10 miles NE. KBVY radar is normally set to view 15 mile radius.

Typical TFR considerations

When Presidential TFR in Boston, all ops require VFR or IFR code and active flight plan, no loitering. When conducting Boston City Tour, Flight Services is not aware of local LNG Tanker restriction, ask Boston Skyways at handoff 124.725.

Local Flight Planning Tips

How to easily identify boundaries of overlying or nearby airspace

Gloucester and Ipswich Windmill Clusters roughly identify boundary of Class B outer ring. Coast of Salem/Beverly Harbor identify boundary of Beverly Class D.

Restrictions which apply to any nearby national parks

Plum Island National Wildlife Refuge as well as Gloucester Thatcher Island (twin lights) request no lower than 2,000’.

Local Airfield Operations

Taxiway/runway incursion hotspots

HS1 at 16/34 and A HS2 at E and 27

What does the tower want you to do before you call ready for takeoff?

Pull up to the hold short line

What does the tower want you to do before you call ready for takeoff?

Pull up to the hold short line

Noise abatement procedures

Posted at hold short lines

traffic pattern altitude

1100' MSL

May 7, 2015, 10:13 p.m.

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Operator Info

54 L P Henderson Rd
Beverly, MA 01915
978 893 9513
Perception Flight Instruction

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