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Light Sport Aviation LLC is hangered on the North Las Vegas Airport (KVGT), convenient to the famous Las Vegas Strip and the Downtown "Freemont Street Experience". A short hop to Boulder Dam, Grand Canyon, Big Bear and over 50 state parks within a short one hour hop. The night view of Las Vegas is a sight you will never forget!

KVGT is a full service FBO with plenty of long term parking. The Tailwind restaurant is open from 6:00am until late at night. A pilots lounge with free Wi-Fi and free computer use. A great place to hang out and talk to other pilots.

CFI Rate: $65.00/hr
CFI Ground Rate: $38.00/hr


Local Procedure Briefing

Light Sport Aviation

North Las Vegas Airport


fueling aircraft

Aircraft will be fueled and ready to go. If additional fuel is required pull up to any 100LL pump. For each 10 gal added please add 1/2 ounce of fuel additive (supplied in aircraft).

access to aircraft during business hours

Aircraft is located in a locked hanger on the field. We will make every effort to meet you and hand you the keys.

access to aircraft after business hours

We will make every effort to meet you and hand you the keys. Procedures are in place for after hours access and will be provided if we are not there.

returning aircraft during business hours

Park the aircraft in hanger and shut hydraulic door. Fill out clip board with name, hobbs out/in, telephone no. Lock hanger door when leaving.

Local Airspace Considerations

standard departure procedures

KVGT is a towered Class "D" airport (tower closed at 2300 hrs). We are tucked under KLAS Class "B" which must be avoided or request "Flight Following" from ground control upon departure (recommended).

best way to get flight following

Contact ground on 121.7 upon initial contact and request flight following. They will coordinate with proper authorities and provide heading, frequency, and squawk code.

local reporting points

Lone Mountain and Red Rock and Red Rock Casino to the west, Santa Fe Casino on final approach to rwy 12

typical TFR considerations

Please become familiar with several published KLAS Class "B" transitions. Easy way is to request "Flight Following" for approach control. They will hold your hand.

Local Flight Planning Tips

noise sensitive areas

Maintain 3500 MSL over valley.

local hazards

Watch restricted areas north of KVGT.


The valley is surrounded by mountains.

nearby special use airspace

Many military restricted zones to the North.

air carrier arrival paths to be avoided

Watch KLAS Class "B" airspace if skirting around city. Best to get Flight Following.

unique weather challenges / microclimates

Can get windy! KVGT runways are well oriented but if you are in trouble declare a "Wind Emergency" and land on a taxi way!

local terrain considerations

Mountains to the West.

best sights to see in the area

Grand Canyon (west) Boulder Dam and Lake Mead Death Valley Las Vegas at Night Colorado River Lake Powell Zion Canyon, UT Bryce Canyon, UT Over 50 Nevada and Utah national parks

best airports to visit in the area

Mesquite, NV (67L) Free transportation to local Casino Henderson, NV (KHND) Sheshone, CA. (Great food Furnace Creek, CA (L06) (Gateway to Death Valley) Grand Canyon West (L25) Not the best food but the view is Spectacular! Ceder City, UT (Ski Resort) Loaner Car Temple Bar, AZ Good Food

density altitude considerations

The Evektor performs well in our climate. But it gets HOT, and HIGH.

traffic flows around local sites / terrain features

Other than Grand Canyon West airport, other special requirements are in place. Please make yourself aware before flying the Grand Canyon.

Local Airfield Operations

taxiway / runway incursion hotspots

KVGT is a confusing airport. The Garmin has safe taxi diagrams but if you are confused, ask for "Progressive".

run up area

Run up areas are on both ends of runway 12R and 30L.

What does the tower want you to do before you call ready for takeoff?

Get current ATIS on 118.05

preferred pattern entries

Tower will advise.

airport restrictions

You can not drive on airport without pass. We provide a golf cart for transportation or the Out Back is within walking distance.

Nov. 27, 2017, 10:28 a.m.

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