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“Grace is what picks me up and lifts my wings high above and I fly!, Our goal is to keep you flying, so you can enjoy the Freedom of Flight.

Aircraft Rentals / Flight Training – Primary & Advanced by Independent CFIs

-Aircraft Maintenance


-Computers for weather, etc.

-Loaner Headsets

-Preheater Service

-Flying W Resort – Swimming Pool (Summer – additional cost)

-Concert Events on weeks during the summer (additional cost)


-Enterprise Car Rental (of the field but will deliver a car)

-Pattie Wagon Café

-Tiki Bar

CFI Rate: $50.00/hr
CFI Ground Rate: $50.00/hr
Aircraft Rental Sales Tax: 6.88%


Operator Procedures

Fueling Aircraft

Contact Airport OPERATIONS (609) – 267 – 7673 (8:00 am – 6:00 pm daily)

Access to Aircraft

During business hours: Freeflight Aviation Office in OPERATIONS Building past the “Pattie Wagons Café. Unusally open from 9 AM to 5 PM. Aircraft are located on the ramp near the large white tent.

After business hours: Make Arrangement with Office Personnel before arriving for Flight or call 609-265-0399.

Returning the Aircraft

During business hours: Park in designated Spot on Ramp, Return Keys to Freeflight Office.

After business hours: Arrangements made with Freeflight Office Personnel or call 609-265-0399

Getting Reimbursed if You Buy Fuel Elsewhere

Fuel Receipt needed with Tail Number and Airport on Receipt. Freeflight Aviation will Credit Customer up to the price of the fuel at the Flying W Airport .

Mechanical Problems at Another Airport

Contact Frank Hicinbothem (609)-265-0399 before any work is done. Describe Problem/Issue so determination can be made of corrective action.

Securing Aircraft

DO NOT PULL THROUGH Parking Spot. Taxi Aircraft to Tie Down, Shut Down and Secure Engine. Use Tow Bar to Push Aircraft back into Tie Down Spot.

Caution areas where hangar rash is most likely

Use Caution along Taxi Way near Ops/Terminal Building. Aircraft Maintenance along Ramp with Transient Parking along Fence area.

What fuel load to expect and how to change it

Contact Freeflight Office at 609-265-0399, if less than full fuel is required. Our aircraft are not refueled after flight. It is left up to the next pilot to request aircraft to be refueled.

Local Airspace Considerations

Standard Departure Procedures

-Runway 01 Right hand Pattern / Runway 19 Standard Pattern. -PHL Class B airspace overlies Airport. -McGuire AFB Class D Airspace 10 miles NorthEast of Airport. -NorthEast Philadelphia Class D AirSpace 11 Miles West of Airport. -South Jersey Regional Airport 3 miles West of Airport. -Fixed Wing Flight Training and Helicopter Flight Training at the Flying W Airport.

Best Way to Get Flight Following

Contact McGuire on 124.15

Typical TFR considerations

TFR in Delaware – Vice President Biden’s Home

Routine radio positions reports

Normal Traffic Pattern according to the Airman’s Information Manual

Local Airfield Operations

Taxiway/runway incursion hotspots

Cars crossing north end of the runways due to hangers

Run up area

both end of the runways

Traffic pattern altitudes

853 ft

Special cautions for flying the pattern

Helicopters Flight Services training operating off this fields

Runway slope

Slight ridge in center of runway obscuring operations from opposite end of the runway

Local Flight Planning Tips

Local Hazards

Deer and Geese in the area


1 mile north of runway 19, high tension wires that are unlit. Flying the Vasi Approach at night on Runway 1 will put your 15 feet above the trees. Don’t get low on the Vasi

Nearby special use airspace

Under the PHL - mode C ring and under the B McGuire MOA to our north, heavy approach path around our airport

Air carrier arrival paths to be avoided

South Jersey Regional Airport is 3 miles northwest of our airport – N14. CTF frequency is the same 122.8

Best airports to visit in the area

-Cape May Airport (WWD) Museum and Restaurant -Central Jersey Airport (47N) Good Italian Restaurant just off the field, good fuel prices -Sky Manor Airport (40N) Great Restaurant on the field -Lancaster Airport (KLNS) Amish Country, Good Restaurant on the Field -Ocean City Maryland (KOXB) Good Breakfast on the weekend, Maryland Shore (taxi) and Great Restaurants.

Best sights to see nearby from the air

-Hudson River Corridoor -Jersey Shore -NJ Pine Barrens -Delaware Water Gap -Maryland Shore -Philadelphia -New York City Skyline

Unique weather challenges/microclimates

fog can be typical in the morning


Yak Formation may be practicing in area, especially on the weekends

Receiving Beacon Antenne for the Runway Lights are Located near the Airport Beacon, if there is difficulty turning on the runway lights.

June 8, 2014, 11:13 a.m.

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