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Closest flight school from Baltimore/Washington DC free from SFRA airspace hassle!

-Headsets ($5 per set)
-Vending Machine
-Free Coffee

CFI Rate: $59.00/hr
CFI Ground Rate: $59.00/hr
Aircraft Rental Sales Tax: 6.00%


Local Procedures Briefing
Airport Name - KFDK

Operator Procedures                                        

Fueling Aircraft

Fuel included in rental at pilot request.  Handled by local FBO landmark aviation line service

Access to Aircraft

During business hours: Come to front desk to receive aircraft can and keys

After business hours: May be pre-arranged on case by case basis.  Please call ahead and we will do best to accommodate.  


Returning the Aircraft

During business hours: Return keys to front desk

After business hours: Return can and keys to local drop box on front of maintenance hangar door



Getting Reimbursed if You Buy Fuel Elsewhere
Reimbursed up to the cost we pay for fuel here at KFDK

Mechanical Problems at Another Airport
Contact FFC for instructions.  Please do not abandon aircraft

Securing the Aircraft Post-Flight
Pilot is responsible for ensuring proper post-flight.  Aircraft must be tied down with pitot tube covers and cowl plugs installed.  Doors locked

Caution Areas, Where Hanger Rash is Most Likely
Taxi with minimum power in congested areas.  Watch all wingtip areas

What Fuel Load to Expect, and How to Change It
Aircraft is topped off each night.  If you would like a fuel reduction make sure to call ahead and we will cancel fuel top off.  

Local Airspace Considerations                        
Best Way to Get Flight Following
East of field Potomac approach on 125.52.  West of field Potomac approach on 126.1

Local Reporting Points
Cement plant 13 miles NE.  Harpers ferry 18 miles wsw

Typical TFR Considerations
Check  P-40 special use airspace status.  Occasional Pop up TFR’s do occur so make sure to call briefer

Routine Radio Position Reports

Call tower at least 5 miles out and state distance and direction from field.  

Preferred VFR "gates" ATC wants you to DEPART TO

SFRA East = WOOLY Gate.    SFRA West = LUCKE gate.  See to complete SFRA training course

Preferred VFR "gates" ATC wants you to ARRIVE FROM



 Preferred IFR "gates" ATC wants you to FILE TO


From 360-180 degrees first fix is EMI VOR.  From 180-360 Degrees first fix is MRB VOR.  

Preferred IFR "gates" ATC wants you to FILE FROM
EMI VOR from the EAST.  MRB VOR from the west.  

Local Airfield Operations                                       

Taxiway / Runway Incursion Hotspots
Taxiway B & A intersection, runway 5/23 intersection, taxiway D & A intersection

Taxi to the Runway
Taxiways are not marked at KFDK.  Make sure to have airport diagram in view

Run Up Area
All runways have run up area except for 30.  Try not to loiter and cause congestion

What Does Tower Want You Tod Do Before You Call?

  • For taxi reposition in non movement area to in front of restaurant (concrete ramp)  Call stating location, ATIS code and direction of departure.   
Pattern Altitude
1300 MSL

Local Flight Planning Tips                                     
Local Hazards
Ridge 5 miles west.  SFRA south and southeast of Field.  P-40 to the north

Ridge 5 miles west.  Small hills surrounding airport especially to the northeast.  

Nearby Special Use Airspace
P-40 to the north.  SFRA south and southeast

How To Easily Identify Boundaries of Overlying or Nearby Airspace
Check Baltimore/Washington TAC  

Air Carrier Arrival Paths to be Avoided
KIAD arrivals overfly KFDK beween 4,000’ and 10,000’

Unique Weather Challenges / Microclimates
Monocacy river fog at night/early morning.  Windshear with west/northwest winds in winter time.  

Local Terrain Considerations
Ridge 5 miles west.  Small hills east/northeast of airport

Best Airports to Visit Area
(26N) 130 miles east: Short walk to beach.  
Luray Caverns Virginia (KLUA) 90 miles southwest. 
 Lancaster, PA (KLNS) 65 northeast.  Excellent restaurant called Orvilles

Best Sites to See From the Air
  • Harpers Ferry WV 18 miles southwest
Restrictions That May Apply to Any National Parks
No lower than 2000’ AGL over harpers ferry

Local Laws Not on the Charts
All pilots must complete SFRA training to operate within 60 miles of DCA (Check Chart).
Optical Illusions
Higher terrain northeast can create a black hole effect at night

Emphasis on SFRA training requirement.  Winter preheating and deicing available on request.  


Sept. 18, 2013, 4:05 a.m.

Frederick Flight Center is rated 4.5 out of 5 stars from 22 reviews.
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Frederick Flight Center

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