Florida Aviation Career Training, Inc.KSGJ
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Explore the sights over the nation’s oldest city, St. John’s County, Florida and beyond.

Friendly Instructors and staff, rental planes, pilot supplies, loaner headsets, Coke machine, kitchen area and a relaxed setting with Wi-Fi.

CFI Rate: $50.00/hr
CFI Ground Rate: $50.00/hr
Aircraft Rental Sales Tax: 6.50%
Misc. Items Sales Tax: 6.50%

Operator Procedures

Fueling Aircraft

Aircraft are fueled by Atlantic Aviation

Access to Aircraft

During business hours: Access to aircraft during business hours is done through Florida Aviation Career Training, Inc.

After business hours: Access to Aircraft after business hours is done through Atlantic Aviation, Inc.

Returning the Aircraft

During business hours: Return aircraft to Florida Aviation Career Training, Inc. during Business hours

After business hours: Return Aircraft to Atlantic Aviation after business hours.

Getting Reimbursed if You Buy Fuel Elsewhere

Fuel reimbursement is $4.69/ GAL with an original receipt. Copy of receipt will be provided if requested.

Mechanical Problems at Another Airport

Call Flight School to provide assistance for returning flight.

Caution areas where hangar rash is most likely

Awareness of S.I.D.A. area during Frontier Airlines Operations

What fuel load to expect and how to change it

At Pilot’s discretion. Pilot must call ahead of time to ensure specific amount of fuel that is needed.

Local Airspace Considerations

Best Way to Get Flight Following

Contact Jacksonville Approach

Local reporting points

Contact St. Augustine Tower, No reporting points printed on charts.

Local Airfield Operations

Taxiway/runway incursion hotspots

Check in with SGJ Tower

Run up area

Check with SGJ Tower

Special cautions for flying the pattern

Bird Activity; Aerobatic Box

Local Flight Planning Tips

Local Hazards

Birds; Wildlife on runways


Expected only during construction on the field

Best airports to visit in the area


Best sights to see nearby from the air

Ocean, Downtown St. Augustine, St. Johns River

Unique weather challenges/microclimates

Developing sea fog

Restrictions which apply to any nearby national parks

Check local charts, No parks within 40 nautical miles

Oct. 9, 2014, 1:38 a.m.

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4900 US1 North Suite 200
St. Augustine, FL 32095

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