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CFI Rate: $40.00/hr
Aircraft Rental Sales Tax: 9.25%


Local Procedure Briefing

Downtown Aviation

General Dewitt Spain Airport


fueling aircraft

Downtown Aviation will cover fueling the aircraft.

access to aircraft during business hours

Keys are located at front desk. Speak to the front desk attendant to obtain them.

returning aircraft during business hours

Tie down the aircraft and return the keys and books to front desk attendant.

getting reimbursed if you buy fuel elsewhere

Leave receipt at front desk and We'll apply a fuel credit.

Local Airspace Considerations

standard departure procedures

Right traffic pattern for runway 17. Class Bravo begins at 1800 MSL over the airport but we advise staying at 1500 until cleared.

best way to get flight following

Contact Memphis Approach at 119.1

Local Flight Planning Tips

noise sensitive areas

Harbor Town south of the airport. When departing from Runway 17, turn at 500 AGL for noise abatement over neighborhood south of the airport.

local hazards

Tower approx. 1 mile NE of the field.

unique weather challenges / microclimates

Summer thunderstorms develop rapidly.

aerial attractions in the area

The Memphis Pyramid.

Local Airfield Operations

special cautions

Black hole illusion north of the field.

Nov. 27, 2017, 12:45 p.m.

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2787 North Second St.
Memphis, TN 38127
(901) 354-3001

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