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Chicago Executive Flight School features comfy new digs on the Northwest end of the field, just up the access road past Atlantic Aviation.

The field was renamed Chicago Executive Airport back in ’06, but is still awesome. PWK is only a 40 minute drive from Downtown Chicago. (or 15 minutes by Skyhawk) Heck, it’s practically on the shore of Lake Michigan. So if you’ve visiting Chicago, this is a great place to fly.

Oh yeah, we still call it Palwaukee too.

• Flight Instruction
• Pilot Lounge
• WiFi

CFI Rate: $75.00/hr
CFI Ground Rate: $75.00/hr

Local Procedures Briefing
Chicago Executive Flight School
Chicago Executive Airport - KPWK

Operator Procedures                                        

Fueling Aircraft

Line services at Atlantic Aviation PWK handles fueling of the aircraft. If you need more gas, please feel free to give them a call at 847-808-0812.

Access to Aircraft
Head upstairs to the flight school’s offices to pick up keys to the aircraft.

After hours, this may be pre-arranged, and can be handled on a case-by-case basis. We’ll do our best to accommodate you

Returning the Aircraft
Staff will make sure you can get back in the building after your flight, including making sure you get the lockbox code when necessary.

Mechanical Problems at Another Airport

If you encounter a problem, please make sure not to abandon the aircraft at a remote field. Just call the school, and they’ll work to coordinate any required maintenance.

Securing the Aircraft Post-Flight
Please do not lock the aircraft door, or luggage hatch.

Caution Areas, Where Hanger Rash is Most Likely

Line service will take care of pulling the aircraft in and out of the hangar for you. Especially if the ramp is slippery, make sure you ask them to help move the aircraft. They are here to help!


Atlantic Aviation puts cones out in front the aircraft when parked. Make sure the first thing you do is removing those cones before preflight!

What Fuel Load to Expect, and How to Change It
If you require an especially light fuel load, please let CEFS know in advance. Sorry, but they can’t de-fuel the aircraft.

Local Airspace Considerations                        

Standard Departure Procedures
Departing PWK
When departing or arriving PWK, please take care to stay West of the train tracks just to the West of the airport; this will keep you out of the path of the ILS for runway 16.

Best Way to Get Flight Following
Give Chicago Departure a call on 120.55 once clear.

Local Reporting Points
Lake Cook Road, which runs East/West, 2.5 miles to the North of the field, is referenced frequently.

Typical TFR Considerations
TFRs around Chicago
Chicago is a popular town for VIP, and the TFRs that they bring with them. Check NOTAMs, every time you fly.

Nearby Stadiums
  • Northwestern University – 9.8nm to the ESE
  • Wrigley Field - 14.5nm to the SE
  • Soldier Field - 19.5nm to SE (on the Lakeshore)
  • US Cellular Field - 20nm to the SE
Nearby Sports Team Schedules

Preferred VFR "gates" ATC Wants You to Use
Local Routes along the Chicago Lakefront
When approaching from the lakeshore, fly to the white stack, then West to find the airport.

Local Airfield Operations                                       

Taxi to the Runway
Please use the North exit out of the ramp area to taxiway Lima. 
What Does Tower Want You To Do Before You Call?

  • Chicago Executive tower prefers that Pilots transmit all their information, including any requests, on the initial radio call. No need to call them first to establish contact, this helps reduce frequency congestion and helps everyone out.
  • On the off chance you were to find yourself at either the 16 or 24 pad, please call ground before leaving the pad. Not really a factor from the west side of the field, where CEFS is located, but we figured we’d let you know.

Local Flight Planning Tips                                     

How To Easily Identify Boundaries of Overlying or Nearby Airspace
Note that, airspace boundaries in the area are often aligned with major roads.

Best Airports to Visit Area
  • Grand Geneva ( C02 37nm to the Northeast) is an amazing place to grab brunch.
  • Milwaukee (KMKE 50nm to the North) The Harley Davison Museum is a great place to visit.
  • Michigan city ( KMGC approx. 70nm to the Southeast ) On the West Michigan lakeshore.
  • The Wisconsin Dells ( i.e. KDLL 118nm to the Northwest ) The Dells is a popular place to relax.

Best Sites to See From the Air
  • Downtown Chicago is an amazing place to tour by air. Fly down the lakefront at 2,500 for the best views. Contact Midway tower on 118.7 for flight following once South of the Baha'I Temple, which makes for a great landmark.

Traffic Flows Around Local Terrain Features
The lakefront can be a busy place on a nice VFR day. Keep a sharp lookout for traffic flying up and down the shoreline, and take advantage of the excellent radar coverage in the area and get flight following.


Don’t forget to review Winter operations during the winter months. Plan on pre-heating if its below 25º F. This is Chicago.

There is a Dragon preheater available, and CEFC will try best to coordinate when the aircraft is pulled out of the hangar for your convenience. Spare oil available; please don’t be shy about asking.

Finally, a glycol sprayer is also available to take care of any trace of frost.

Ballast available upon request.

April 7, 2013, 6:54 p.m.

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Chicago Executive Flight School

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