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All of us here at the Centennial Aviation Academy welcome you to Atlanta! Come explore all the wonders of the south by air! Rent one of our immaculate for 172’s for an unforgettable sightseeing journey with friends and family. Enjoy a wonderful 5-star dinner at a nearby airport and then fly down to the city for a breathtaking sunset flight over the “capital of the south”. If you have a little more time, fly down to one of the nearby beaches for a day! No matter what you are looking for, Atlanta has something for you. At the Centennial Aviation Academy we welcome you as our guest and are always here to make sure your flight with us is as enjoyable as possible. Is Georgia on your mind….

The Centennial Aviation Academy offers a number of complimentary services which are available upon request when your reservation is made:


-Loaner Headsets

-Use of iPad with Foreflight Pro

-Desktop Trainer/Simulator

-Flight Planning Resources

-Complimentary refreshments are always available next door at the FBO

CFI Rate: $65.00/hr
CFI Ground Rate: $65.00/hr
Aircraft Rental Sales Tax: 7.00%

Local Procedures Briefing
Atlanta-DeKalb Peachtree Airport (KPDK)


Operator Procedures                                        

Fueling Aircraft

Full Service available 24x7 on request from Epps by calling 770-458-9851 or on frequency 129.05    

Access to Aircraft

-During business hours, you may see the receptionist at our office to pick up the keys. All dispatching/check-in is done online through our internal system - so you will have to see one of our instructors/staff members to help you do this. Pleae write down your in/out HOBBS and tach so we may help you out with this. 

-After hours, come by our office and pick/up drop off the keys in our 24 hour lock-box. Please leave a note with the keys stating the starting and ending HOBBS and tach times. We will check you back in first thing in the morning.



Returning the Aircraft

During business hours: Drop off log and keys at flight school


After business hours: Leave dispatch log with Epps Aviation Customer Service



Getting Reimbursed if You Buy Fuel Elsewhere
CAA will reimburse you up to the current posted price at EPPs aviation PDK. Leave the receipt inside the zippered pocket of the dispatch binder and fill out the "fueling record" sheet inside the dispatch log. (instructions in binder)   

Mechanical Problems at Another Airport

Call 404-775-8299 for immediate resolution 

Securing the Aircraft Post-Flight

All our planes are located on the Clairmont ramp. Please park in the same space you departed from. When pushing plane back in to tie-down, please use the tow bar in the baggage compartment. Do not push from tail or prop/spinner.

What Fuel Load to Expect, and How to Change It

Full fuel unless otherwise requested.

Local Airspace Considerations                        

Best Way to Get Flight Following

Atlanta Approach on 126.97    

Local Reporting Points

Gwinett Place Mall of I - 85 (10 miles NE)



North Point Mall off of GA-400 (10 miles N)



(Also as listed on the Atlanta TAC chart)


Typical TFR Considerations
Downtown baseball/football games/large events (concerts or other open air assemblies) are often held in the vicinity of downtown/midtown/Buckhead. If these events are present than flight is prohibited within 3000ft AGL and 3nm of that area. Flight Service will NOT brief you on these- it is your responsibility to check local event boards (news papers, event websites etc) and also contact ATL Approach on 126.97 to ask if a sightseeing flight is permitted.    

Nearby stadiums
Turner Field, GA Dome


Traffic Flows Around Local Sites / Terrain Features
Heavy traffic around Stone Mountain/Lake Lanier at or below 3,300 ft.
Local Airfield Operations                                       

Taxiway / Runway Incursion Hotspots
See Airport Diagram   

Taxi to the Runway

When using 21R for departure, expect B, E cross 16


When using 34 expect B cross 21R hold short of C or runway 21L



Run Up Area
Advise run-up complete before leaving the run-up area on ground control. They will then tell you to either monitor or contact tower when number 1.

Pattern Altitude
2000 ft MSL 

Preferred Pattern Entries
From the EAST using runways 21R or 3L expect to fly over the top at or above 2,000 ft and then enter the corresponding downwind.  

Special Cautions for Flying the Pattern
Watch your turn from base to final- the 2 parallel runways are close    
Airport Restrictions
Voluntary night curfew from 2300 - 0600

Runway Slope
21L/3R is concrete and grooved. All others are asphalt 

Local Flight Planning Tips                                     
Local Hazards
Runways are 600ft "centerline to centerline" and PDK Tower often has parallel approaches when using 21L/21R and 3L/3R. This can feel very close! It is "ok" to stagger the approach by slowing down or remaining on a slightly higher glide path. You may also request a dogleg turn from base to final to keep distance from parallel traffic. Use extreme caution for wake turbulence from jets - PDK has a significant amount of jet traffic.

Cluster of high antennas reaching up to 2100ft MSL are located 4 miles directly south (runway heading) of the airport. There is also a WSB TV antenna that is 1800 MSL 4 miles south east of the runway alongside the VOR/DME D apch
How To Easily Identify Boundaries of Overlying or Nearby Airspace
West of GA-400 is Dobbins ARB Class D.
FTY Class D can be identified by the beginning of Buckhead building cluster.
LZU Class D begins at I-85/GA-316 Split

Air Carrier Arrival Paths to be Avoided
Class B airspace (as charted)

Local Terrain Considerations
Rapidly rising terrain if departing on runway 16

Best Airports to Visit Area
KWDR is great for southern hospitality and homemade burger (Spitfire restaurant website for hours)
KRYY for a high class burger and steaks in a unique fancy dining atmosphere (Elevation Chophouse)
KFTY for a great view of 6 flags over GA
4A7 to see Atlanta Motor Speed way (watch out for race-days)
Best sights to see from the air
-Downtown ATL
-Stone Mountain
-Lake Lanier
-ATL airport - "over the top" - as for a VFR transition "over the top through the Bravo" when going to any airport directly south of Atlanta and admire the "world's busiest airport from 4,000ft"

Density Altitude Considerations
During the summer months the DA often exceeds 3,000ft. Lean engine as per Cessna POH for takeoff 

Optical Illusions
At night, Buford Highway (parallel to runway 21L/3R) looks like a better place to land than PDK - DONT land there - PDK is the "black hole" to the side. Runway 21R/3L is near impossible to see at night.
During the day, taxiway A (which is white concrete) looks like a runway. 21R/3L is black (asphalt) and 21L/3R is concrete. Don't mistake the taxiway for a runway.
Traffic Flows Around Local Terrain Features
Heavy traffic around Stone Mountain/Lake Lanier at or below 3,300 ft


At night be careful to use 120.0 for lights (not CTAF) if coming in after the tower is closed.
PDK has a voluntary night curfew from 2300-0600 local time. You are not restricted from operating within these hours but are strongly encouraged not to do so.    


Sept. 11, 2013, 3:43 a.m.

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