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Sky Park airport is conveniently located 10 minutes north of Salt Lake City. There is no tower control at Sky Park. That means no long waits on the ground, and no long taxies.

We just got a Brand new runway and lighting system. The new runway is immaculate and smooth. The new LED lighting system is bright and easy to see from miles away.

Loaner Headsets @ $10
Crew Car

CFI Rate: $45.00/hr
CFI Ground Rate: $45.00/hr
Aircraft Rental Sales Tax: 6.60%


Local Procedure Briefing

Bountiful Flight

Skypark Airport


fueling aircraft

Call 801-259-1184 for support.

access to aircraft during business hours

Keys on front door lock.

returning aircraft after business hours

Tie down the aircraft, return the key, and complete the log sheet.

getting reimbursed if you buy fuel elsewhere

Fill out the fuel section on the log sheet, cost will be credited toward the rental based on the local fuel rate.

mechanical problem with aircraft while at another airport

Understand that the aircraft must be returned to base at the renter's expense.

putting aircraft back into it's tie down

Manually pull the aircraft into the correct spot, then tie it down securely.

caution areas where hangar rash is most likely

Use of of the South end run up area is mandatory.

What fuel load to expect and how to change it

Expect to find full tanks. Please ask if you need anything less than that.

Local Airspace Considerations

standard departure procedures

Northbound 5,500 until passing Ogden. Southbound, contact Salt Lake tower for specific instructions.

best way to get flight following

Contact Salt Lake tower on 120.2.

local reporting points

North refinery

Centerville interchange


typical TFR considerations

Heavy student pilot training in the vicinity.

routine radio position reports

Same as the reporting points above.

Local Flight Planning Tips

noise sensitive areas

Please avoid flying low over houses.

local hazards

Aiport is above 4,000 MSL. Always check density altitude.

nearby special use airspace

Watch out for numerous MOAs & Restricted airspace in the vicinity.

how to easily identify boundaries of overlying or nearby airspace

Radar tower headed North. / Gravel pits headed South.

local terrain considerations

Mountains go up to 9,500 feet East of the airport.

best airports to visit in the area

Bear Lake Canyon Lands St. George

density altitude considerations

High density altitude airports in the vicinity.

nearby stadiums

University of Utah

Local Airfield Operations

run up area

Located on the end of runway 35.

noise abatement procedures

Fly quiet! Avoid low altitude flight over neighborhoods.

Pattern Altitude

5,000 feet MSL

special cautions for flying the pattern

Student Pilot activity.

runway slope / runway surface

Brand new.

Jan. 28, 2016, 12:28 a.m.

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