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Come to Aero-Tech Services to explore the beautiful Lancaster County scenery from above! Aero-Tech Services, Inc is the perfect place to launch your adventures because a one hour flight can get you to the beach in Jersey, the mountains of New York, or downtown Baltimore, DC, and New York City. Best of all, you’ll receive a warm welcome from our staff and find an aircraft that is clean and well-maintained by our very own maintenance department. We pride ourselves on the quality of our services and we look forward to helping you achieve your goals.

-Redbird FMX Simulator
-Vending machines
-Headset Rental ($9-$40 per day rental)
-Local charts & pilot supplies

CFI Rate: $59.00/hr
CFI Ground Rate: $59.00/hr


Operator Procedures

Fueling Aircraft

Self-serve is available on the east side of the terminal building. Fuel cards for self-serve can be found in the glove compartment or right front pocket of the aircraft. You can also call Alliance (FBO on the field) for fuel deliveries to the tiedowns (717-735-9507).

Access to Aircraft

Aircraft keys and clipboard are kept at the front desk. Please fill in name, contact info, and destination on invoice inside of the clipboard and leave yellow carbon copy in the tray. White copy stays in clipboard and goes with you to the aircraft. Confirm Hobbs/Tach times are accurate.

Returning the Aircraft

Record Hobbs and Tach end times on white invoice. Retrieve yellow copy at front desk and calculate time flown so it appears on both copies. Yellow copy is yours to keep, white copy goes in the basket of completed invoices also located on the front desk.

Getting Reimbursed if You Buy Fuel Elsewhere

Staple fuel receipt to white copy of invoice. If the amount you paid per gallon is less than the Self-Serve rate published on for KLNS, you will be credited the amount of your fuel purchase. If it is higher than the published self-serve rate at KLNS, you will be reimbursed at the self-serve rate.

Mechanical Problems at Another Airport

Call the office at Aero-Tech or one of the contact numbers listed in the clipboard. Any repairs unauthorized by Aero-Tech personnel are YOUR responsibility.

Securing the Aircraft Post-Flight

Taxi into the grass behind the tiedowns at slow speed with the yoke held fully aft. Pull into any of the tiedown spaces.

What Fuel Load to Expect, and How to Change It

We do our best to have the aircraft topped off when you arrive to rent. If you would prefer a different fuel loading, please let us know in advance.

Local Airspace Considerations

Standard Departure Procedures

Give ground control direction of flight and expect “on course” after departure. Reporting clear of the airspace is not necessary.

Best Way to Get Flight Following

Departing northeast, use Reading approach on 125.15 after clearing the Lancaster airspace. For all other directions, use Harrisburg approach on 126.45.

Typical TFR Considerations

DC SFRA airspace (especially 60 nm ring) is nearby and requires special training certificate. P-40 is more distant but still a concern. Be aware of Vice presidential TFR at Wilmington.

Local Airfield Operations

Taxiing to the runways

Expect Rwy 31 for most departures

Run Up Area

At Rwy 31

What Does Tower Want You To Do Before You Call?

Be at the hold line and ready for immediate departure.

Traffic Pattern Altitude(s)

1400’ msl

Where to tell tower you are taxiing to after landing

"West Ramp" or "Aero-Tech"

Local Flight Planning Tips


Tower on ridge 12 NW, 1943’ MSL

Nearby Special Use Airspace

R-5802 approx. 15nm NW. R-4001 overlies Aberdeen and the Chesapeake Bay

Air carrier arrival paths to be avoided

Air carriers arrive from and depart to the West and Southwest at 4000’ and below.

Local Terrain Considerations

Hills on the north side of the airport make it challenging to spot inbound from the North.

Best Sites to See From the Air

Susquehanna River, Hershey Park, Gettysburg

Restrictions That May Apply to Any National Parks

Maintain 2000’ AGL or higher over Gettysburg

Oct. 31, 2013, 7:45 p.m.

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