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Academy of Aviation is a unique place in many ways. We strive to be the best in all aspects of our operations and we proud ourselves on achieving it.

Minimum rental charges.

2-4 Hours No Min

4-7 Hours 2 Min

8-12 Hours 3 Min

12-23 Hours 4 Min

24+ M-F 4 per day

24+ S/Su 5 per day

• Flight Training
• Pilot Shop
• Redbird AATD (Full Motion Simulator)
• Crew Car
• Snack Machine
• Free Popcorn and hot beverages
• Loaner Headsets
• First Friday of every month during the summer there's a BBQ.

CFI Rate: $79.00/hr
CFI Ground Rate: $79.00/hr


Local Procedure Briefing

Academy of Aviation

Westchester County Airport


fueling aircraft

Ask the desk air Landmark for gas.

access to aircraft during business hours

Come to the desk on the second floor.

returning aircraft during business hours

See the desk.

returning aircraft after business hours

Lock the plane and leave the keys with the Landmark desk.

getting reimbursed if you buy fuel elsewhere

Take a picture of the receipt and it will be deducted from the rental.

mechanical problem with aircraft while at another airport

Call the desk 914-461-2336.

putting aircraft back into it's tie down

Make sure you park the airplane in the same spot and use the tow bar to push it into the space.

caution areas where hangar rash is most likely

Dip in Foxtrot taxiway. Take it very slow on the ground, lots of jet traffic.

What fuel load to expect and how to change it

Don’t fuel, the flight school will handle.

Local Airspace Considerations

standard departure procedures

Contact the tower 118.575

best way to get flight following

Call clearance 127.25, or ground

local reporting points

Tappenze Bridge

typical TFR considerations

Sporting Event TFRs are common.

routine radio position reports

Tappenze, report 10 miles out all the time.

Local Flight Planning Tips

noise sensitive areas


local hazards

900’ Tower on the border of the airspace to the west 5nm



nearby special use airspace

Hudson River Exclusion Zone Briefing - must complete online briefing. West Point Restricted Air Space.

nearby stadiums

Yankee Stadium, City Field, MSG, Met Life Stadium, Barclays, Prudential Center, West Point Stadium

Local Airfield Operations

taxiing to the runways

34: Kilo, Lima. 29: Kilo, Lima to 29 at Lima. 11: Kilo, 16: Charlie, Lima

run up area

34 and 16 have dedicated run up, 11 and 29, just turn the airplane tail towards the grass.

preferred pattern entries

Midfield downwind

special cautions for flying the pattern

Maintain pattern altitude!!

runway slope / runway surface

All runways slope towards the middle

March 14, 2016, 6:43 p.m.

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67 Tower Road, Hanger T
West Harrison, NY 10604
Academy of Aviation - Westchester County Airport
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