Insurance Marketplace

When you rent an aircraft with OpenAirplane, you'll need to have current renter's insurance. This is a good idea because otherwise you could be personally liable for tens of thousands of dollars in repair costs and legal defense fees should damage occur.

These leading companies can help you get the coverage you need.

Pilots who rent with OpenAirplane are required to carry a basic level of non-owner's insurance. The minimum level of coverage we require is:

  • $1,000 or more, for Physical Damage to the aircraft.
  • $250,000 or more Liability Coverage per occurrence.
  • $25,000 or more Liability Coverage for each passenger.

The good news is, most non-owned policies sold in the U.S. meet these minimums.

Note, these are minimum required levels of coverage. How much insurance you should carry to be able to sleep at night, is between you and your insurance agent.

If you have more questions about renter's insurance, We've posted more detail here.