N702G1968 Cessna 172I
1 review$115.00
per hour

Very well maintained C172 with a new engine! Interior is in good shape. Very economical, only 8GPH! Great deal to get current.

Useful Load: 870 lbs.
Empty: 1,430 lbs.
Max Gross: 2,300 lbs.
ARM: 37.4
Moment: 53550.6
Fuel Capacity: 42 gallons total, 38 gallons useable


  • • Photo window and the pilot side door can be removed for aerial photography
  • • 40 degrees of flaps for a short-field landing
  • • GoPro mount on top of the panel facing forward
  • • It is night legal, but not instrument equipped


  • TAS for flight planning: 105 knots
  • • The airspeed indicator shows knots and miles per hour. The knots are on the inside ring of the ASI.
  • • The flap lever has 3 positions: up, off, and down. It is necessary to keep your hand on the flap lever as the flaps are retracting or extending to stop the flaps at the position you desire. Otherwise they will fully extend or fully retract if you forget about them.
  • • Unlike most newer 172's, the doors on this plane must be pulled shut pretty quickly and firmly to be able to lock them closed.

N702G is rated 5.0 out of 5 stars from 1 review.
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