N162TW2012 Cessna 162
per hour

Designed to make the dream of flight a reality, the Skycatcher has ushered a new generation of pilots into the sky. Its simplicity of operation and stable, docile handling make it the perfect trainer, as well as an ideal fit for experienced pilots seeking a modern and economical means of recreational flight.


  • Continental O-200D 100 horsepower


  • Garmin G300 Glass Panel


  • • G300 Glass cockpit
  • • Synthetic Vision
  • • 12V plug
  • • Auxiliary Audio in cable receptacle


  • • Comfy cloth seats


  • Ensure both door latches are latched prior to takeoff.
  • Tie the aircraft down with the flaps in the down position when finished flying and install control lock.

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Rent this plane for: $140.00 per hour